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No need for a tablet

2008-04-05 04:41:42 by Bobby444

I just discoved a brilliant way to do drawing without a tablet. Hold your hand like a pen and press down on the mouse with it. Try it!

Music please

2007-12-16 02:58:15 by Bobby444

Hello. Can anyone please tell me some good music loops off the audio portal? Or, you can make a loop yourself, but the game I'm making can last a very long or very short time. Any loops will do as everyone likes different types of music. The more the better

In Reverse

2007-12-09 15:24:47 by Bobby444

Me and a guy called zenyara are making a game called in reverse, where you guide your black blob to the goal using the arrow keys, but the controls are reversed.

Hi there (If anyone is there)

2007-12-04 12:21:34 by Bobby444

Singed up for newgrounds yesturday. I have been working on a game called Civilisation RPG. Not really enough done to show apicture but it is a simple point and click game.

Other news:
Feeling very happy as I discovered that there was a new Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe game coming soon by one of my favorite game author Shinki