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Entry #4

No need for a tablet

2008-04-05 04:41:42 by Bobby444

I just discoved a brilliant way to do drawing without a tablet. Hold your hand like a pen and press down on the mouse with it. Try it!


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2008-04-05 05:20:40

WOW!!!! IT WORKS!!! :D

Bobby444 responds:

Yup. It's awesome.


2008-04-06 16:01:18

Nowhere near as good as a tablet. You still get the annoying mouse callibration (you have to lift the mouse up occasionally) and you don't get pressure or tilt.

Plus it doesn't work that well.

Bobby444 responds:

Yeah. Plus, for me, I'm left handed so I have to keep moving the mouse left to right of the keyboard.


2008-04-09 06:09:13

LOL. This doesn't work, but is fun, thanks.


2008-05-29 10:31:08

lol it's pretty funny


2008-06-01 12:22:43

i just cant do it


2008-07-19 18:13:24

Using a mouse isn't that hard, I got used to it :D
And that trick didn't work, I want a refund !

Bobby444 responds:

The trick was free, but I will watch all your flash stuff now just to be nice but my next news post (which I'll do in a minute) will show you my normal mouse drawing artwork. I'm great with my mouse :3